I went and did it

For the last few months, I've been itching to get my own boat. I've been testing all shapes and sizes of boat and keeping a little journal of things I liked and things I really didn't like about each model and the equipment I used with it. Once the gales and clouds started pulling over Victoria for the winter, I started doing pool sessions with Pacifica Paddlesports downtown. I've rented out the Nimbus Telkwa HV on a few occasions for playing in the pool and found it to be a serious contender for top dog.

They're really comfortable boats without that scratchy fibreglass under the hatches. They get up to speed in no time and are really friendly to hustle back into when you capsize. I also liked the recessed and covered hatches, since I'd put my hand right through a hatch on a plastic WS tsunami during a self rescue(!!). The only problem I had with the HV model was it was too damned big for me. I'm 6'4 and about 265 pounds and the HV is made for someone well over 300 pounds.

I saw a regular Telkwa model come up on Usedvictoria, and asked the seller if he'd let me test the fit. I showed up to his place and we set to finding a nice place on the lawn to get it set up. pushed the seat back a bit and moved the rudder pedals back, and I'll be damned it wasn't a perfect fit. It was just what I had been looking for and in great condition to boot. I couldn't give him money for it fast enough.

I'm now the proud owner of the newest roof top accessory, a really good condition kayak. I can't wait till the weather starts to get warmer. I've been jonesing over a boat for so long that this just made my day.

I'm psyched psyched psyched.