Today I met Andreas from West Coast Paddler and we had the plan of paddling south, around Gonzales point and into McNeill bay. I unloaded my boat and set it down in the slippery and mucky beach off to the north side of the marina. As I set to rigging the boat, Andreas came over the hill and informed me he was on the southern beach. We agreed to just meet somewhere between the two beaches. In the meantime two folks were also getting ready to go out paddling - one in a wooden deck boat and another in a carbon fiber CD boat.


I got in the kayak and launched, paddling around the marina and looking at some of the boats. As I rounded the corner, I saw Andreas just waiting by the breakwater and we headed out towards McNeill bay. For some reason, there was a bit of swell in the wake of a small system from last night. As we got closer to Gonzales point, the swell was surfing us. We were getting a nice hit of speed from the last bit of the ebbing current, so we just continued in the swell while humming and hahing about how comfortable we felt about it.


The swell got bigger and bigger and uneasiness crept in. We could see more in store for us on the horizon, so we just turned around and paddled back to some more inviting waters. A few minutes after we turned around, the people I saw launching in the marina were coming towards us, we told them about the swell further down and they just grinned even more - I'm sure they loved it. So we headed on through the small reefs into Cadboro bay. There were all kinds of different water conditions that seemed to change every 500 meters or so. Andreas and I gabbed and paddled, eventually turning around at the entrance to south entrance of Cadboro bay.


It was a short blast back to the marina, and I headed back to the beach for landing. Just before I got to the beach, I approached a rock full of seagulls - I paddled enough to coast toward them and then got the camera out and took some pics. the closer I got the more I could see them watching me. Then they started squawking and as soon as I just touched my paddle, they all took to the air. It was a neat little show and I probably pissed off every boat owner in the marina sending a flock of seagulls over their polished boats. My apologies. I racked up the boat and headed to the Tiderace Boat Demo down at McNeill bay along with Andreas.

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