Who thought I'd be leading a group of my work friends under a year after I got into the sport? Today was donated to that delightful blur between work and play. I put out a call on Friday to see who'd be interested in a little paddling in the Gorge and we got 9 people out to come have some fun. We showed up at the Gorge rowing center and everyone got a decent little rec boat to play around in. No one fell in this time.


I led the group and just took it easy, enjoying all the sights and sounds and avoiding the harbour ferries flying around the area. Off to your left you'll see the overturned hull of a kayak I just ran over mwahahahahahaha... but I digress. We headed up the Gorge as planned and had a look at Tillicum bridge. I had checked the currents in the CHS book and WXtide and both were totally WRONG! I got to the bridge and the current was on a strong flood instead of calm conditions. I decided not to test my friends mettle today and kept this an upright paddling experience.


So we turned around and went to go check out the inner harbour. The way back was a bit breezy, but everyone was doing great. As a harbour ferry tried to saw a seal in half showing it off to the tourists, we made it down to the Selkirk trestle and rounded the corner into the upper harbour. A big rusty fish boat, free of its usual flotes, was getting ready for tomorrow's catch while the big vic west property development loomed in the background. We passed under the johnson street bridge and into a busy harbour.


My co worker wanted to show me an absolutely massive yacht moored at the international pier. It was just massive, and it stunk of wealth with the callsign, Tigre d'or. It was 4 decks with a below deck as well. It dwarfed almost all the other pleasure craft in the inner harbour. Some of our group were feeling the burn, so we headed back to the rental outfit to drop off the boats. We had a great dinner at Glo and hatched more plans for future outings.

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