Just a short entry here, but I went to Ocean River's gear grab and had a good time spending all my money. Ocean river is just too good to us sometimes. :) I made out like a bandit and met up with some friends. Derek Hutchinson was out in the crowd, Gary Allen was out with a huge grin on his face and I saw Doug Lloyd talking to the good folks at Siska. Didn't think I'd see him looking into clubs! A couple I went paddling with earlier in the year, Sheila and Jo were checking out the deals and we got to talking. Turns out they've been busy all summer doing all kinds of fantastic west coast travels. Sheila's doing well with the SKGABC, and she brought up rolling. I'd love to learn to roll the big 'ol boat, and Sheila even paddles the same boat. Wouldn't it be great if someone could show us the right roll for our boats? I hope to get out in some of the winter waves with Sheila and Jo this year. Anyway, the sale was so good, I went back to snag some more gear after my first run. I'm set for clothes for the next couple years.

Some Photos over at Kayak Yak