It's been a busy few weeks at work, and I'm pleased to be back on the water after work. This night was a surprising beautiful night paddle through the portage inlet and up the stream on the east side of the inlet. I put in at the kayak club on Gorge Rd.


So I got the put in and realized I forgot my paddling boots. woops.. I won't do that again. I had also left the boat on the cartop and left the car under a tree.. all manners of pollen, sap and wood bugs were all over my boat and it was full of rainwater. I didn't let that get to me, I just got in the boat and pushed off into a nice quiet and warm evening.


Almost every house along the gorge has some manner of dock down on the water in various levels of disrepair. The most notable was a dock that led to a half sunken boat. The water was an absolute mirror without a puff of wind, so the scene was begging for a photo. Seaweed, eelgrass and all kinds of other flotsam loves to inhabit this rather current-less area too. I didn't see any eggs that my friends at kayak yak had seen in the previous trips up here, but I was out at high tide, so I don't think I had ideal conditions for it.


As I entered portage inlet, A heron flew off and made me focus on the sky. This HUGE moon was just rising over the trees and the residents of the area were lighting candles and small porch lights on their deck for entertaining. The place was alive with disembodied chatter from shore and the sky was turning all sorts of yellow and orange. I started my way to the western side of the inlet and saw a few other kayakers enjoying the night. I saw the little stream and started my way along it.


The sounds of traffic got fairly hushed and the watter got a whole lot shallower. The scenery was still stunning. The moon hung above craggy trees and some more run down properties. There were a number of canoes and old powerboats on the shore and before I knew it, I was passing under the bridge on interurban road. This stream eventually winds out to swan and beaver lakes. I'll have to pick a really high tide and high water and see how far I can get up the stream.


It was getting dark and the trees along the shore were making it even darker, so I decided to spin around and head back to the inlet. The mosquitoes were out in force and I had to keep paddling to keep them at bay. The inlet was silent now and dusk was in the blue period. The near full moon was reflecting brilliantly on the water. I met two other kayakers doing a hot lap of the inlet. They invited me to join their "ballet" on the water. I sort of thought of it more as the ewok village on endor, but hey.. everyone has their own imagery to relate to. The little flickering lights and candles on the shoreline made this almost purely visual crack. I swiftly paddled back down the gorge and gouged my feet on the beach taking the boat out of the water. I think my little kayak needs a serious bath soon.

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