If you like a certain trip, why not try it again? I really did enjoy my night's paddle on Friday, so I asked one of my friends that joined me at Vermilion lakes if he'd like to come out to the gorge and have a little paddle around portage inlet during the morning. I had a look at the tides and decided 8am would be a good bet, but the ebb and flow under he bridge is always a dicey call. Today I guessed utterly wrong.


My friend rented from Gorge rowing and paddling center at on the Selkirk waterfront. I brought the Telkwa and put in on the little harbor ferry dock. Today was just great outside. Lots of shorebirds even down at this end of the gorge. The only little thing is that I could see a pretty good current running past the trestle and feared what was going on under the Tillicum bridge. We paddled up the inlet a ways and saw whitewater at the east side of the bridge.


So this was a bit of predicament, but it really isn't all that far of a walk to the other side of the bridge, so we took out and portaged up over Tillicum road and then down to the clubhouse in a couple of trips. We didn't make too bad of time and put in among the geese and lazy water on the other side of the bridge. The tide was pretty far out, so the area was fairly shallow with huge patches of eelgrass. the Canada Geese were feeding off of it somehow. Their honking noises filled the air as we got a bit too close.


It wasn't too far from the geese where we saw a whole family of deer coming down to the shoreline. They walked along the beach aimlessly - not exactly sure what they were after. The water was getting pretty shallow through the gorge park and our speed was way down because of the current rolling over the shallows. At the end of Gorge Rd, we met up with the folks from kayak yak - a totally unexpected meeting. John and Louise have new boats! They both got new deltas in red and white. John got an 18'5" and Louise is now the owner of an ocean dominating 17' delta. Now they have to follow me into the waves and noisy water.


Jordan and I broke off from the group and headed out the way I went the other night, while the other group went to look for life in the shallows. The place feels a little smaller in broad daylight, but we headed over to the stream and went up as far as time allowed. This is always the hard part about renting, you kind of have to rush to get all the objectives. I've found a couple of places that I wouldn't mind owning along the waterfront - I think it was nearly every single house.


Time was up so we headed back in a swift following tide. The eelgrass made for a bit of slow going in a lot of places. We thought there was a small difference in speed in a few areas, and it turns out that there are a number of back eddies that swirl through the main gorge area. As we got down near the bridge again, we decided to take the challenge of going down it during its whitewater phase. It goes about a hundred directions with tons of little whirlpools, but overall a fun roller coaster ride. At low tide you can see the waterfall height difference.


It was only a matter of minutes and we were back at the trestle with a little time to spare. We pulled out and headed to a great little greasy spoon restaurant called Kitty's between Douglas and Burnside. A fun paddle and well done by my friend, who racked up 11km plus a portage!

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