Tonight was one of those rare weekdays that I got out before sundown. I had a quick glance at the currents and my usual oak bay playtime was right out. The winds were calm through all of the coastal waters, so today would be a revisit of Ogden point, mostly as a little bit of exercise. It turned into a really beautiful evening just taking my time - and a little time to breathe.


Ogden point is a tricky place to launch and land as even in the calmest winds, there's a nice little swell coming onshore. I rigged up the boat and waded out nice and far from the barnacle covered, rocky beach. Setting off, the breakwater was a very painterly scene with deep blue skies and silhouttes of people enjoying an early evening stroll. I drifted into a kelp bed and got some photos of the lighthouse against the sky. Powerboats whizzed into the traffic lane from behind me.


The currents were really insane today and the few little rips around the tip of the breakwater and McAuley point were just turning into little whirlpools. I made a good choice not facing Baynes this afternoon. The inside of the harbour was alive with people putting their boats away for the day and a few visiting tied up near the coast guard offices. The helijet and the entire fleet of seaplanes were lined up for takeoff. The traffic lane in the inner harbour can be a scary place for kayakers.


Downtown looked just great wiht the sunlight hitting all the old buildings. Laughter and sounds of dinner were coming from a number of boats in the inner harbour and the Clipper began to start up her engines with an ominous jet noise. Just as many float planes filed in as had left and as they all pulled into the dock, I decided to cross to Vic west.


The Songhees were a popular spot for outrigger folks. 3 long, 4-6 man canoes from Ocean River, VCKC and GO all paddled to the rhythm of a disembodied voice in the group. I paddled easily into West Bay marina and saw exactly why the place was dredged. Outside the channel was about 3-5 feet deep. The water was so clear, you could see little skate-type fish flitting around the sea bottom.


I had a look around the marina, picking out some things I liked and disliked about some of the moored boats. I headed back out to the little swallow birdhouses on the east entrance of the marina. Variously labeled with varions names, numbers and acronyms, the little birdhouses were empty and weather worn. The sky was becoming all kinds of colors as the sun began to set. I awlays find it hard to get a camera to really catch everything that's going on in the sky.


I crossed from McAuley point back to the breakwater lighthouse and saw a few whale watching boats coming into the traffic lane. I'll have to remember to bring a light if I ever want to stay out longer than this, because the incoming boats would have never seen me. I went back around the breakwater and kept looking over my shoulder for the amazing sunset behind me. By the time I got to the beach, nearly all the light was extinguished and I cruised into a quiet beach to quietly take out. What a great little journey.

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