Fresh from my morning trip with Paula, I ran over to Aaron's place and got down to oak bay marina To get out and sail again. I sort of knew what to expect from the winds a bit earlier. We got down to the dock and who should wander by but Katy and her doggie. We all walked down to the boats and Aaron and I set up the cal for a 10 knot wind. We barely had to use the motor at all this time it was just cast off and we were out of the marina. The currents arrested my attention at the marina entrance. The current was tearing around the breakwater in a pretty swift ebb.


We got out a little from shore and put the sails up. No motoring necessary today!. We chose a tack and found ourselves actually sailing by the lee. The wind was scooting us along at a nice clip and once we seetled into a rhythm the boat started to go where we pointed it. So just to see what the combined wind and current could give us, we got to 5knots sailing down toward trial. THe boat made and all new sound when we started getting up there.


We tacked and did a 360 toward the chain islands, because we didn't want to get too far south in the current. Fighting the current nearly halved our speed and we started creeping ever so slightly closer to the Chain islands. The wind was south westerly and we wanted to head into it to see how close to the wind we could get. Beating down it, it looks like we were able to get about 50 degrees to it. We tired to go a little further up mayor channel, but it was no use, the current was coming through at just under 4 knots and the boat was having none of it.


The rest of the cruise was more or less basking in the sunset. The winds were calming down and had veered a bit more westerly. We were at peak current and had stopped making way toward the marina.. a sailing treadmill. So we just took down the sails and motored in just as the sun was setting for the night. Arron showed me how to unhank and stow a Jib in its bag. a lot easier when you see someone do it. We shook out our reef and headed out for coffee.

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