Paula and I agreed on a short little paddle around Caddy bay at the last minute this morning, so I loaded up the van and headed down to gyro park. There was a nice little breeze coming through the bay and all of the little dinghys were lining the shore with their sails flogging loudly. We pushed off right before them and got well to the side of the bay to stay out of everyone's way. The water was the color of lead and the storm that had come through the day before had left all kinds of swell behind it.


Paula and I had a discussion about whether or not the days of print are limited and discussed the finer points of user generated media versus the establishment while cutting through the chop and swell. We gabbed all the way around cattle point and down willows beach until we saw a sailboat in a very un-sailboat friendly place. I couldn't tell if the boat was recently shipwrecked or just junk allowed to float onto the rocks (or both). Still had sails on it! I snapped a few photos for posterity.


We were getting a bit close to the rocky shoreline, so we headed up through the moorings near oak bay marina and had a look at some of them. About half way through our gawking, the all slowly changed direction with the wind. It's a weird feeling seeing a bunch of large boats all rotating around their moorings. A few people were aboard their boats cleaning the decks and checking everything out including us. We lazily headed back to Cadboro bay and catching the last of the flood around cattle point. When we got back to shore, all of the little sailing dinghys were doing some training near the beach and a few larger craft were on their way out of the bay.

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