Well it would have been a great day for a camera, but alas, I'm still waiting on the insurance claim on my housing. :( Anyway, I went out with the usual crew, we got on the water at about 9:30 and drifted out into the bay. There was a false alarm on environment canada today, forecasting stong winds in Haro and JDF. I got to Caddy bay and the sun was out and the waves were gently lapping the shore line - there was little wind to speak of.

The bay was calm and lots of shorebirds flew around us. Lots of herons and ducks on the water. We scooted up next to the aluminum catamaran moored just next to the Yacht club to see what kind of draft it had. To our surprise, a pretty massive boat only drew about 8" of water. You'd be able to get that boat to some pretty shallow places.

Thwarted by my last opportunity to go out to Gonzales point, I decided I'd take another shot at just getting out to the golf course to get some skills in the swell. My boat handled it beautifully and wanted more. So I kept going towards the headland and I turned around - the rest of the crew had held up near mary todd island after feeling a bit questionable about the conditions. This time the swell was only a couple feet at the maximum and i could have kept on going; however, I promised them I'd only go to the golf course. So I swung around and came back to the group - I was met not with congratulations, but with long faces :D I guess I got a little carried away and turned into a speck on the horizon. That gets people worried, I hear.

That was the point where I thought maybe it's time for a radio after all. Oh well. next time I'll be a bit more vocal about what crazy idea I've cooked up. We ended up traveling through the breakwater at oak bay marina and sticking to the path back into Cadboro Bay. once all the boats were racked up, we got some coffee. A good morning of paddling - I'll be out again tomorrow and maybe even Sunday! :)

Oh yeah, and paddling my kayak after paddling a sit on top, I don't think I'll ever look at a sit on top again. :)