Today was a good day on the water. All things weather and marine conditions added up to a smooth, comfortable paddle with almost no wave action. This is a big contrast with last time I was here where we could barely paddle 5k over 3 foot wind waves. We launched from Brentwood bay just down beside the ferry terminal into a mucky low tide that the bay is famous for.


It was a simple crossing at Brentwood Bay, we just missing the incoming mill bay ferry. The water was so very calm today, it felt more like paddling on a lake than the ocean. The coastline around Willis point is crowded with houses on every available rock ledge. From shacks to mansions with boathouses everything appears wantonly thrown onto the rock face and blended into the forest. We rounded the point and decided to cross to Bamberton and continue down the Malahat side of the coast. We were watched by seals throughout the voyage in Finlayson arm.


As we rounded a small rocky headland populated by shorebirds and a couple of eagles, we stumbles upon two seal pups on the rocks. Luckily we had a nice swift current flowing for no reason and it let us observe them without having to having to paddle and scare them into the water. The seals knew we were there, though. We signaled the rest of the group to pass wide of the rocks. We were totally surrounded by harbour seals. you could see little heads poking out of the water everywhere.


We came up to a small set of falls near Squally reach and thought about landing for a snack. Turned out everyone was perfectly comfortable, so off we went. The next headland kept the south end of Finlayson arm shrouded in mystery. Instead of continuing our mission south, we crossed to elbow point and proceeded back towards the cars. Our last little stop would be at McKenzie bight just north of the point. We landed on the beach and had a good stretch and shared around a few little snacks. It was just a short stop and soon we were on our way back to the put in.


A note about the steps that lead to nowhere in Finlayson Arm / Squally Reach. My source who used to fish in the Brentwood bay area frequently when it was a hot fishing spot tells me that these stone steps were a movie prop for an 1930s-40s era film.

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