A beautiful day today and great overall sea conditions right on schedule. Today was an afternoon paddle out into Cadboro bay and out to the chains. I was trying to plan this outing around the currents and for the most part, we got a nice slack tide and no appreciable wind. I was going to see how much I could trust the tide and current book today and it seemed to be pretty accurate on the timing, but there were some interesting current streams of variable speed as well as a large flotilla to avoid.


We left gyro and headed out to see what the current was up to at 10 mile point. When we left the beach, the tide was wayyyy out and in many places we could see the sea floor. It looks like some sort of fish was busy making more fish. an errant piece of eelgrass drifted by the boat and I took a photo of the eggs attached to its tip.


There was also some kind of yacht club party going on and we decided it was best to avoid them for a few minutes. We went and tested out the current at the cadboro point light and found it to be pretty much dead calm. On our way back to Jemmy Jones Island, we had to watch the flotilla's pattern to figure out when and where to cross over to oak bay. They appeared to turn just before entering Baynes channel, so we just headed out around them.


Once we approached fiddle reef, I decided to part ways with my paddle buddies and head to the Chain islands while they went to Mary Todd Island. We'd just meet up back in Gyro park. We were about an hour past slack at this point and the water was starting to get a little more messy as the flood took over. As I took off from the group I paddled hard into the first eddy line and felt a fun little rush of water go under my hull. I had a giant grin all that way out to the chains and back. The rocks were covered with birds (mostly gulls). A few heron were skulking around the rocks and geese were honking right on the shoreline. The place smelled heavily of birds and fish.


Today was a busy day in Cadboro Bay. As I got closer to shore, I heard a sound that was too loud to be a speed boat. As I glanced over at the bay, I saw a float plane take off! And just as the float plane left, I heard little personal watercraft roaring in from Cadboro point. It was a pretty weird feeling crossing all this traffic solo. The sailboats were just heading back to the marina in full regatta. I landed on the beach and to my surprise, my paddle partners were not back yet. I held up on the beach and waited for them to return and we went and had a look over our current predictions and compared them to what was actually out there along with discussing everything else from the last week, of course.

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