Today I had planned an after work paddle from the songhees to the inner harbour, but I got distracted and ended up putting in at Ogden point right beside the breakwater. This little are of water is really susceptible to wind chop, so I spent a good bit of time surveying it before bringing the boat down to the beach. The pressure was rising and it was warm out with not a puff of wind, so off I went.


The beach at the put in was a tricky one, the beach drops off sharply and becomes too deep to stand even 10 feet off shore. I was launching at high tide which left me with a pretty rocky beach and a few bits of driftwood to lay the boat down on. I got the kayak out past the little shore breaking waves and got in without too much effort although the paddle had little to no purchase if I actually needed it. The plan was to go have a look at the swiftsure boats before race day. There were also two huge cruise ships in port.


It's great seeing the inner harbor from this angle. There are so many things in this are you just can't get to by foot. Drifting around the coast guard buildings and into fisherman's wharf, one starts to get the feeling this stuff has been here for a really long time. Last time I got a glimpse of this area was when I took the Coho Ferry. One my way into the harbour I got to meet both the clipper, numerous float planes and the incoming Coho from port angeles. It's a bit of squeeze, but the vessels are traveling so slowly, the wake is almost negligible even 20 feet away.


As I got into the inner harbour I saw a whole lot of masts and a whole lot of rafted boats. Everyone was celebrating: popping corks off their champaign, laughing cheering and generally in a good mood. I can't even remember how many people I waved back to. The whole inner harbour just reeked of merry making. Can't wait to see them all race tomorrow! It'll be a great start to a full weekend of paddling for me :)


With so many boats, it's hard to pick a favorite, though none of it is helping my boat addiction. I am loving some of the paint jobs on the boats this year - really creative looks on some of the boats: from Chinese dragons to WWII aircraft teeth! As I was photographing the boats, I heard the coho making preparations to leave and the wind started to come up a little. I thought it was best to get moving, so I took the north shore out to the end of the aircraft runway, spotting lots of oystercatchers and seals in the west bay.


I did a double take when I saw this place. The leftmost building reminded me of hidden gun turrets from WWII that I'd seen at Fort Rodd Hill. I spotted two of these installations near McLoughlin point. From here it was a wary crossing across to Ogden point and back around the breakwater.


Getting out of the water was even more crazy than getting in. the water had come up another little bit leaving little to no beach and just craggy rocks. The surf had calmed down a bit, so I just drifted into the beach and proceeded to do the least graceful disembarkment I could muster. As I loaded up the boat I was treated to a great sunset with some low cloud sneaking in to soak up the sunlight. Just a great night on the water. Looking forward to the swiftsure tomorrow morning! I may have to digress from kayaking a second to show off pics from that :)

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