Went out for a quick spin with Paula around oak bay. When I got to the beach, there was a pretty good onshore wind running about 15knots at the launch and the water was murky brown with soil. The sea was quite warm even well off shore. Looks like swimming in the ocean will be possible over the next few weeks! Cadboro bay was full of sail boats today and our leisurely paddle avoided most of the traffic.


Once we were on the water, we decided that the wind would probably keep us from venturing too far out, so we just hugged Cadboro bay to Cattle point and then crossed to Mary Tod island. On our way out, we got to ride some fun swell remnants from whatever was going on in the strait of Juan de Fuca - it looked a lot windier and choppy just around Gonzales point. As we neared Mary Tod, Paula wanted to adjust her pegs, so we landed and I had a look around. Paula pointed out that it's a picnic island and always has been as long as time can recall.


We also noticed that great chain islet had more than just birds on it. There were patches of green plant life sprouting on the sides of it. The chains have been bare for months, so it's nice to see they are capable of growing something other than herring smell. The paddle back was mostly just a fun bit of surfing on the chop all the way back into Cadboro bay. It was a sunny and warm way to enjoy a day off work.

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