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Just a short entry here, but I went to Ocean River's gear grab and had a good time spending all my money. Ocean river is just too good to us sometimes. :) I made out like a bandit and met up with some friends. Derek Hutchinson was out in the crowd, Gary Allen was out with a huge grin on his face and I saw Doug Lloyd talking to the good folks at Siska. Didn't think I'd see him looking into clubs! A couple I went paddling with earlier in the year, Sheila and Jo were checking out the deals and we got to talking. Turns out they've been busy all summer doing all kinds of fantastic west coast travels. Sheila's doing well with the SKGABC, and she brought up rolling. I'd love to learn to roll the big 'ol boat, and Sheila even paddles the same boat. Wouldn't it be great if someone could show us the right roll for our boats? I hope to get out in some of the winter waves with Sheila and Jo this year. Anyway, the sale was so good, I went back to snag some more gear after my first run. I'm set for clothes for the next couple years.

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I'm back in portage inlet again! I love this place so much at night that I invited my friends to go on a night paddle after work. We set up an outing for Friday mostly because of the weather change in the forecast. I left work and powered to the VCKC clubhouse. It was a bit overcast, but the rains held off for most of the paddle.


It's always when you're all geared up to hit the water that nature calls! I put the boat on the beach and then went to find a bathroom.. Turns out I was at the wrong beach for that. I had to go hide in the bushes for a little country one. :P I could have sworn there was a bathroom here! Anyway, I pushed off the shore and went up the gorge to meet my friends.


I met John and Louise mid way between the launch points and someone was conspicuously missing. Paula didn't make it after all. We watched a couple of buses pass by and Paula didn't emerge from them. Oh well. We headed up the gorge a bit more and saw a small powerboat somehow passing under the Admirals bridge. That bridge is held up by a whole lot of trusses and there really isn't much space, so I guess they really have to line it up. Dusk was starting to fall.


We had a very relaxing little paddle into the Inlet and traveled around the perimeter chatting about this and that. There are a number of residences along this little body of water that look really inviting. Again, all the houses along the bank were lit up and shimmering on the mirror flat water. There's was just a tiny hint of breeze for the most part. The low cloud layer made for a really nice natural ambient light. The sky was pink with reflection from the city lights and as the clouds moved toward us, we all got really quiet. We parted ways at the upper beach and I paddled slowly down the gorge. As the sky disappeared under the trees along the sides of the gorge, I decided to try a little sprint with the new paddle. The GPS indicated 9.8 km/h. looks like I'll have no issues with currents later on :).

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