Today was probably the only time I've actually been a bit afraid of what the wind had in store for quite a while. The onshore wind was 15 knots but there was nothing too nutty looking out in the strait. I got down to the beach and launched with the wind just whistling at my back. We were in for a fun time on the water. The plan was to go to Chatham, but that plan was rapidly disappearing.


The one great thing about nice winds, the yacht club scrambles every available boat to go out and play. We made our way out of caddy bay and I started getting a bit worried about the conditions. The wind was making huge black streaks on the water and when we got out to flower I could already feel the swell coming off Haro strait. Most of this summer, I've been spared any wind warnings at all, so today was my first strong wind warning for a while.


I looked over Baynes and it seemed more or less fine, but I couldn't convince anyone to cross it. Instead we headed toward the vortex of whitewater off Ten mile point. The wind gusts were just hurtling through and on the other side of the rocks was just steep whitewater with a whole bunch of fetch allowing for some pretty noisy surf crashing on the rocks. I kept trying to survey my partners to make sure no one attempted that stuff. John and I paddled a bit close to the rocks and the wind just told us to go away.


And we did. We headed back out to Jemmy Jones to prepare for crossing to oak bay. And then I kind of lost everyone.. they crossed back to flower and I came after them a bit later. Just as I crossed over, about 10-15 sailboats decided to come through the channel we were paddling in. I got over to slightly shallower water and snapped a bunch of photos as the flotilla passed by. We rafted up for a few minutes to watch all the boats go out and around ten mile into the stronger winds.


Paula was off and heading over to the rocks near cattle point, so I just kept pace with her for a while, but John and Louise had fallen behind. There was no fetch over Cadboro bay, but the current was opposing the wind in the middle of the channel kicking up some strange chop. It was pretty fun actually, and as much as I wanted to try for oak bay, I surmised my partners had had enough.


John and Louise caught up and we all stuck together along the rocks on the shore. The wind had picked up into some even stronger gusts, I was getting blown back out to sea on more than one occasion. made it kind of hard to take photos. We eventually paddled back and pulled out after a short but windy little run.

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