After the Pool Session on Saturday, we laid some quick plans for the next day. The current was going to behave itself around 11am, so we'd meet at Telegraph Cove and see how far up the coast we could get. I met only paula the next day and she had carted her Eliza from Cadboro bay to Telegraph cove and was ready to get on the water.


The wind was very light but gave us a pretty good headwind on the way out. The water was a little choppy, but since we were hed into it, it felt like nothing really. This area was mostly new to me, I'd paddled out this way in a strong ebb once before and didn't get very far. The beneficial flood current wasn't helping much against the wind today.


We got out to a little reef just off of the hospital and saw a few birds huddling on in the lee trying to stay warm. Northeast winds tend to come straight down this patch, though there's not all that much fetch. There are a number of houses out here that make me sick with envy. One mansion of note sprawled down to the high water line and comprised of many rooms. Must be fun in a big storm.


Paula and I paddled out just a little past Glencoe Cove and decided to turn around and get a little push from the wind. Paddling full out got me a peak speed of 11.7km/h on the GPS! That's the fastest I've gone in a kayak so far. The boat loved the speed too.


We stuck close to shore on the way back and had a brief encounter with the reefs that line the rocky shores. Navigating through that while surfing on small waves felt great and we both had fun just gliding around the big rocks sticking out of the water. The wind increased a little on our way back and the water was getting a tad choppier. We hauled out after a nice short run and went for coffee. Way to go Paula for actually putting the kayak cart to good use.

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