Just a quick catch up from last week. I got so carried away with the marina issue, that I forgot to write up my sailing fun last Saturday (Feb 14). We got some actual sailing weather and got farther and moved faster than most of our days so far, eeking about 7 knots out of the Cal20. The window was only open for a few hours in the afternoon, so we made the call and got down to the marina.


The wind was blowing down from the northeast at about 10 knots on shore. Needless to say, I like sailing more on days like this, especially in the winter when it's colder. The currents were fairly slow, but we determined that the best timing was about 2:30PM. We set up the boat and I totally fucked up the whole getting off of the dock maneuver. It's been quite a while. I stopped us dead and let Aaron take over the helm. Looks like I have some skills to brush up on.


Once we got out of the marina and actually got the sails up, We were moving at a good clip down to Trial Island. We got all the way down to the cardinal buoy in Enterprise Channel before the current really started to oppose us. The flood had come a bit earlier than predicted, and it was just enough to kill any forward progress. We motored through the channel to the other side of the rips, and we were sailing again. A couple of tacks got us right out to the tip of clover point.


The sailing got a lot faster when we switched tacks and headed to the south tip of Trial Island. On a beam reach in a couple of the gusts, we were making 7 knots with a pretty good heel. We had to sit on the opposite side of the mainsail in order to get less weather helm. The only issue with our plan was trying to get back to Oak bay. Oak bay was directly upwind which meant we had to beat quite a few times to get closer on such quick tacks.


We did all the beating we could stand and just went over to motor before it got too dark outside. It was a pretty cold ride back into harbour and we got docked without sparing even a second. The whole sail was a great improvement over our last few attempts. I'm almost thinking we're getting used to sailing this little boat.

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