On Sunday Mar 8, I got a quick little burn out to 10 mile point after emptying my kayak of friggin' ice again. The warm weather still isn't quite here yet. I headed out to Cadboro Bay expecting to meet some friends and no one was there but the wind. :)


I got to the beach at Cadboro bay and emptied out all the water from my boat after a strange cold snap brought lots of rain and ice. I got the boat all geared up, put it in the water, put my foot in it and ended up on the other side of it, sitting in the ocean. so much for keeping dry.


The morning was pretty damned nice except for a howling wind gusting 15 knots out by Cadboro and Ten Mile point. Sailboats were totally loving the conditions, though. I followed a group of them out and they disappeared around ten mile point into some stern north easterly winds. Once I got to Ten Mile point, I was facing 2-3 foot seas and a fairly strong current, so I turned around and visited the eagles on Jemmy Jones.


The wind was increasing as I crossed the mouth of Cadboro bay, and I was coming up to my deadline for being totally off the water by 11:30 (about those priorities in my next post). I got up close to cattle point and meandered back down the south side of the bay along the rock gardens and then past the RVYC marina. I land safe and sound on the beach, looked at my watch and realized I was running a bit late. Threw the boat on the car and tore home to change for sailing.

Trip Distance: 8km

YTD: 90km

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