This will be a brief entry because I kind of goofed the timing of it. I sort of lost all connection with a computer on my trip to Coachella. Didn't get any kayaking done stateside, but this weekend is the WCP camp out on Pender! I'm so stoked and the weather is too. A couple of weeks back I took some friends oout kayaking in the Gorge. As always it's the perfect place to paddle.


I took the group up the gorge toward the bridge, and as usual it was running a bit fast for kayaking. So we turned around and just enjoyed the t-shirt weather and lazy ebb current. It was a sublime trip back out to the Inner Harbour with the evening sun softening all the shadows and a light wind keeping a perfect shimmer off the water. My friends and I managed to paddle about 8km, which isn't too bad a pace for their short boats. I had a great time and we celebrated with some Red Robin grease afterwards.

Trip Distance: 8km

YTD: 114km

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