A beautiful winter day out on the water. Winds from the North were solid and the rain clouds had run out of precipitation. I resisted the urge to put in at Dallas road, continuing along beach drive to Caddy Bay. The waters on the south and west parts of the island were mirror finish. I got the boat off the car and emptied all the recent rainwater from the cockpit.


Into the calm water at the bay, I paddled right out to cadboro point and got to see a bunch of sailboats enjoying the swift winds including one fast little 2 man racing dinghy speeding out of the bay. Haro strait was wiiiiild.. The winds had been running northerly all night and the waves and swell was fun to play in just a mere 20 feet from the caddy bay lighthouse. I'm guessing 2 foot waves or so, so a pretty fun time to play.


I paddled back to Jemmy and crossed Cadboro bay to Cattle point. The waves were a little higher with the fetch from the bay and the wind began to gust a little. The little racing dinghy I saw fly past earlier was still up on a plane and immediately capsized right off cattle point. The two crew went for a little swim and righted the boat, jumped back in and immediately flew off toward Flower Island.


Oak bay was a little choppy and there were a number of new shipwrecks laying on shore. One of the weirdest sunken ships out in Oak Bay was the "Dizzy Squid" laying bow up on its mooring buoy. I turned around at Oak Bay Marina and headed back to Caddy Bay against a pretty hefty headwind. I paddled around the Royal Vic marina and back to the beach. The days are super short now, but the weekends are great time to get out and explore.

Trip Distance: 12km

YTD: 300km

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