Good 'ol Portage Inlet had my full attention today. With the wind beginning to howl across a lot of my usual waters, I found peace and quiet here. Talk about a fantastic day too. Bright blue skies all around, sun low on the horizon and fairly cold temps from the outflow winds. I put in at about 10am at the kayak club and gently paddled up the gorge.


There were number of groups training in both outrigger canoes and dragon boats. The brreze was light on the Gorge and amped up a little bit as I passed under admirals bringe. A whole tonne of seals in the inlet too, probably more than I remember being there in the summer. Herons and eagles were also out. I'm guessing maybe the last of the fish?


As I got out into portage inlet, I was puzzled by a hissing noise that seemed to be coming from the shoreline seaweed. The wind had picked up quite a bit and what was happening was the wave action was breaking up a thin layer of ice floating on the surface of the water. I had only been slightly cold the week previous, but it was enough to freeze the top layer of freshwater from the confluence of colquitz creek and the inlet.


Today was also the first time that I can recall seeing swans flying around. there were a bunch of juvenile swans both with and without adults swimming around and eating the eelgrass. Even as young birds, they're still HUGE. I kept a good distance from them and watched them get trapped in the maze of ice while feeding.


A nice relaxed pace brought be back around into the gorge and from there, a pretty gusty wind pushed me all the way back to shore. I was followed by a bunch of seals all clearly feeding on something in the water. When I pulled the boat out of the water, I noticed she's getting a bit on the oxidized side.. I think she's gonna need a bit of elbow grease in the spring or before.

Here's a Little Video of the Day:

Trip Distance: 8km

YTD: 288km

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