So I missed another blog entry :) I'm a busy guy lately. A couple of weeks ago, I met Paula for a nice little paddle around Oak Bay. Paula was still working on beating a bug that she had for pretty much the last month. I Hadn't paddled in a couple weeks, so I was getting a little antsy to get back out in my boat. The water was alright with a pretty good Northeast wind howling down bay. We put in at Cadboro bay and had a headed toward Flower island.


The currents were calm and the sun was out and the wind wasn't affecting the shore. the paddle was pretty good, so we headed toward the Cadboro Point to have a look at the what the wind was doing to the east shore. Out at 10 mile point the water was full of whitecaps and crashing on the rocks. We decided not to try going any further around the point.


Paula and I headed back to Jemmy Jones island and the wind had started to chop up the water a bit. Paula got a little off kilter and decided to call it a day, so we parted ways and I headed off to Oak Bay. The Water was getting a bit choppier still and the wind kept creeping East as the morning progressed.


I passed Mike Jackson and friends on the way out to the marina. I had a hard time recognizing him at first.. turns out I _do_ need glasses - $4 Hawaiian shades ain't gonna cut it, sadly. :) I paddled into oak bay marina to oogle boats and turned around to find oak bay had become rather full of whitecaps. :P The wind had increased a bit, so it was time for me to head in.


I slogged against the wind on the way back home and got a pretty good workout for the distance. Where there's wind, all the sailboats are out with full sails! I took some photos of the boats going by and then made a B-line for gyro park. Got off the water all cold and called up Paula for a coffee. We had a gander at a nice little kayaking atlas, by the one and only John Kimantas, and planned some of our summer fun.

Trip Distance: 11km

YTD: 82km

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