Surprise! Rainy season is upon us up in Victoria, BC. I was getting so antsy on Saturday that I basically had to get out of my house whatever the weather was. It wasn't a great day to paddle anywhere but along the shore thanks to generous current. I left at about 3:00 and saw almost no wind anywhere, but the rain was steady and the day was just grey. I got down to Cadboro Bay - an endearing spot for me at the moment, and got a brief visit from Paula while unloading my boat. She was deep in writings and deadlines, so she declined to go out on the water.


Just as I launched, I saw a guy in a drysuit and a standup paddle board heading for shore. Wonder how far he got out there. It was very quiet on the water - saw some animals I haven't seen for a while - looked like little otters out on flower island. They popped their heads out of the water and clammered over all the rocks. I was dressed for rain and tried to keep the camera dry to catch some shots of how different the water looks when the rain comes down. Mix the rain hitting the boat and ocean and mix it with a little wood fireplace smell from the shore and It's really quite peaceful and relaxing. A couple in one of the giant glass houses along the shore near cadboro point shot me a thumbs up as I paddled by.


I found a neat little set of rocks that I hadn't explored at such low tides. The rocks look like the glacial errata - huge rocks just dropped on shore by the glacial activity around the island. Right between the reef and the island is a sweet little river like channel that you can surf down as the current picks up. I had a few goes at the little race and braced out of it on the other side. Fun!


The current was getting a little too strong near Baynes and I had to paddle quickly back towards Jemmy Jones to stay off the treadmill. We were at one of those cycles where the stronger floods are coming through and it was just the right conditions to lure me out into the speedier stream. Even paddling hard I was only making about 3km/h forward. I got around Jemmy jones and the rain picked up a little more fierce - it was hitting the boat and making a satisfying clicking noise. I was a bit more preoccupied with finding willows and it's bathroom though :)


I got on willows and ran for it. When I got back outside, the rain squall was gone and that's when my camera got wet. So the rest of the photos all have a fun drop of water in them. I thought I'd go putter around the marina now I'm back in boat looking mode. The marina was dead calm at 5:30 - not a soul to be seen. I noticed a few boats in the mooring field had been refloated or were in the process of being fixed after that fun winter storm that blew through. It was just as a I left the marina that the sun decided to come out.


I paddled under a nicely lit sky back along cattle point and into the bay. There were otters and heron everywhere on this side of the bay. I guess these critters like the end of the day. It was a great little paddle and my boat had nearly dried by the time I got to the beach. I threw the boat on the Van and headed to Louise's place to watch Eastern Horizons

Trip Distance: 12km

YTD: 106km

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