Heh.. so when is a sailboat a ship? Earlier in the day, we were pondering this very question. This boat has masts so large they dwarf most of the buildings on the Victoria skyline. I was more than dazzled, so I ran home from work and put in at the VCKC beach. The light was already beautiful and only a light wind rustled the trees.


I thought I'd try to beat the current today even though there was a fairly swift flood under Tillicum bridge. With some nice whirlpools and whitewater, I was ready to try to push through it. fortunately It appears a lot worse than it is and though I lost a little speed, I was on the other side in no time. I paddled down the gorge and ran into a whole fleet of students flocking the upper harbour.


I pulled through all crowd of people and a few rowboats and swiftly got down to the blue bridge, the giant boats' masts already clearly visible. There was a whole lot of traffic arriving when I decided to cross. Mini ferries, sports fishing boats and sea planes all just doing their thing. I pulled up alongside the huge sailboat and the name struck me pretty quick: Perini Navi - maker of one of the most ridiculous luxury sailing vessels I've seen - the Maltese Falcon (yours for a measly $100 million euros BTW).


This boat was named the Tamsen, a 170ft ketch (with a 160ft mast). It's got quite the sailplan - I don't even want to know the square footage. The lucky owners were out on deck with a can of polish cleaning up all the brightwork. this is a pretty unusual sight in the Inner Harbour. After picking up the slack in my jaw, I paddled back up to VCKC hut for take out. A fantastic sunset awaited me as I put the kayak on the roof.

Trip Distance: 8km

YTD: 248km

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