Today I had planned to go to Brentwood Bay, but got distracted by a mirror flat Elk Lake on the highway out. Since all of my normal paddling buddies are without vehicles right now, I have a feeling it'll be a bunch of solo paddles for the first part of 2010. I pulled up to an absolutely empty beach with only the hardiest of trail joggers and their pets walking by. The water however was full of rowers and fishermen. It was a cloudy and mild day with little wind.


The water was clean and quite cold along the shore, and the distant shore had a large fog bank hovering over it. The rowing teams and the few independent rowers were busy doing laps of beaver and elk lake at a good clip. I stayed mostly along the shoreline to stay out of everyone's way. I fished a bit of plastic garbage off of the shoreline on my way to the rowing center. The docks were lines with colorful water bottles and shoes and there weren't too many people on land. I kept on going around the corner into beaver lake.


So about the birds.. man there were a lot of birds out. Eagles, ducks, herons cormorants, kingfishers and all kinds of songbirds. It felt like every few minutes I was accidentally startling the birds into flight. I got a photo of a Heron on the shore and he immediately took flight with a loud croaking noise.. scared the crap out of me. He flew around for about 30 seconds and then decided to land on top of a kingfisher's head. The kingfisher got the hell out of there and landed on a tree so close to me I thought I could reach up and pet it. He was a lot more intent on finding food and a place where I wasn't though.


The weather was on the change all day today.. large rolling fog banks would get low down to the trees and thin out long enough for the sun to shine through. As I left Beaver lake, the rain began to fall. At first it was just spitting rain and moments later a full on torrent was upon the lake. Glad I brought my waterproof gear today. The downpour lasted nearly half of the trip and by the time I returned to the beach, everything had cleared up. They had closed the change room for the winter. Oh well.. I did my best to get changed discreetly. A really neat day on the water overall and a good place to get some paddling in with uncertain weather conditions.

Trip Distance: 10km

YTD: 22km

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