It's been a while since I've visted Brentwood bay, so today I got out to the launch beside the ferry and was greeted with very pleasant and calm touring conditions. I took the kayak down the steep hill to the launch and found the beach nearly completely submerged at high tide. There was another group coming down the hill to put in, so I rushed a bit and pushed off.. I looked down and something was missing. The camera was not in my lifejacket. I returned to the beach and ran up to the van: no camera anywhere. Thinking I left it at home, I walked back down to the beach and put in again.


So in the true Canadian literature fashion, this blog post will be told from the camera's point of view as it sat under the rear differential of the cube van beside my van. Okay, no I won't.


First, I went out to arguably the most beautiful place in the entire freaking world, Tod inlet. I can't even begin to describe this area it's a mix of old and forgotten manmade stuff and nature in the process of reclaiming it. What used to be a giant concrete quarry/factory is now just a ragged brick smokestack and disintegrating pier. The water was noiseless and one person walking the shore quieter than the gushing waterfall at the eastern end of the inlet.


Despite the beauty, Tod inlet wasn't a very long paddle, so I decided to head out to 15 Minute (Seananus) Island which couldn't be more than 15 minutes away from the reach of Gowland/Tod park. It was a nice challenging paddle against a small headwind and current. The Island was where all the birds live for the winter, with large swaths of birds taking flight as I approached.


I headed directly across to the Saanich Peninsula and had a quiet and enjoyable paddle back to shore as the sun came out. Lots of wood had blown into the bay during the recent wind storms and I caught a few seagulls using the floating wood for uneasy perches until a boat came by and ruined it all. As I went to put the gear back in the van, I caught a glimpse of my camera, luckily still intact! I picked it up and ran back down to the kayak to get a couple parting photos. Sorry there aren't more photos this week and it pains me.

Trip Distance: 12km

YTD: 34km