Today was a pretty beautiful day for January, The sun was out, I had sunglasses on, the air was mild and dry and the wind was pleasant from the East/EastNorthEast. I met up with Paula at the beach and just breathed out all the hussle of the week. I got a few great shot as we paddled out of the bay toward Cadboro point (and accidentally ran up a covered rock - whoooops ). The current was fairly light in Baynes channel, but was increasing near the point.


I managed to find a nice, stable eddy near the rocks at the point and rode it for a couple minutes as we turned around for Jemmy Jones Island. Today felt absolutely exotic for January and paula and I both paddled quietly to the island. There were some pretty gnarly kelp beds off the west corner of Jemmy and I just drifted along in the really light current. Paula was finished paddling for the day, so we split up here and I continued into oak bay.


Fiddle reef was without its resident eagles today, and a very light current was flowing around the installation. I got a nice little push around the light and toward Mary Tod Island. There were a couple of seals milling about in the gap between Emily Islet and Mary Tod. Still stinks like seal crap out there. Off in the distance you could here the unholy choir of gulls on Great Chain Island.


On the return trip, the sailboats were starting to leave the marinas. The wind had freshened a little and the conditions were great for a number of single handers. I crossed paths with sailing photographer, Andrew Madden, out in his boat, Tigger, a yellow hulled sailboat the ofter frequents Oak Bay. We had a chat as he attempted to beat out of the bay. The closer we got to Cattle Point, themore and more driftwood there was floating around. Some recent storms and high tide had brought a whole new crop of driftwood to the southeast side of the Vancouver Island.


The trip back in was nice and smooth, I weaved my way down through the rocks and then cruised around the RVYC marina with just enough water to spare to get underneath the walkways. I saw Bernie out for a walk on the beach near the far end of the bay, near a beached sailboat. Lots and lots of driftwood around the boat too. Bernie reminded me that Paula had left her cart in my Van - oops again. You can read Paula's unhappy review of me on kayakyak if you'd like. I headed back to the beach and had a great sandwich in the sunshine at Olive Olio's.

Trip Distance: 12km

YTD: 46km

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