Already 3 days into the new year and I'm putting in at good old Cadboro Bay again. Looking back over last year, only a few of my 2009 goals were actually met due to a bunch of other circumstances. Most notably, attempting to kayak 1000km. Got lots of kayak camping done last year, but it's time for adventures in some new waters over this year. Today gave fairly light east winds and a manageable ebb current through Baynes channel, so Chatham was the goal.


Grey is the color today as the water melts into a similar colored ceiling. The ferocity of the storms this winter has been way lower than last year. I had a hard time even thinking about hitting the water last December. The tide was moderately high and on its way out when I put my boat on the beach. I settled in for a short but fun trip up the east side of the bay, watching all the yacht club boats heading out to race. Lots of teeny tiny brown ducks on the water this year.


The sun peeked out as I headed out into the first of a series of eddies in Baynes Channel. The current was moving quite swiftly at the 3/4 mark and gave me a bit of a wild ride into some of the standing waves. I ferried out of the waves and ended up at the western tip of the chatham islands and did a counterclockwise path around the islands. What a great treadmill that was!


On my way around the north part of the island the wind began to pick up quite a bit, going from 2-3 knots to about 10 in just a few minutes. The winds were forecasted to get a little stonger in the afternoon anyway, so I was going to return a little further into the channel than I expected - not quite as much fun rides on the current as I wanted, but there was plenty of fun in between Strongtide and Vantreight Island with currents around 3 knots in the squeeze, sounded like being in a waterfall.


The current was still fairly strong near chatham, but abated closer to Jemmy Jones and the wind had shifted Northeast making for another fun treadmill back home. All the boats I'd seen scrambling out in the morning were coming back to the bay to round the windward mark in their race. Good spectacle watching the high tech boats expertly rounding the mark, while the others would end up wrapping their spinnakers with the fresh NE puffs just minutes later. I pulled back ashore on Cadboro bay and had a look at my GPS... it said I managed to hit a max speed of 14.5km/h in Baynes. Average speeds got up to about 11.3km/h - that was a nice surprise!

Trip Distance: 12 km

YTD: 12km

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