It looks like the CRD and other conservancy partners have officially purchased many of the hot zones in Western Forest Products' lot sale for a cool 18 million. About 20% of the land up for grabs sold today in trust including many of the foremost properties in the portfolio such as Jordan River, Sooke Potholes and parcels around the Victoria watershed. By all accounts, this seems like a fairly good first step though I have this small niggle about the haste of the sale and the "secret deal" verbiage. I hope Juan de Fuca gets what it pays for and that their constituents were consulted before making a purchase that was a small bit out of their direct means. Altogether though, I.. I think.. just maybe.. the democratic process and activism actually worked here. I'm keeping my ear to the track for more developments in the next few days, especially with the elusive UBC agreement still sailing the horizon.

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