They really need to repair the bridge down to Esquimalt lagoon. It's really annoying to drive all the way up to Metchosin road just to backtrack down to the peninsula, but who knows where they are in construction of that. Looks like there's a pretty huge hole in the road unser the bridge, too. I've finally got back to Esquimalt Harbour after almost 2 years (it was actually one of my first paddling trips in my current kayak). Today was forecast to be proteced from east winds out in Haro Strait and it was bright, but extremely hazy with fog. There's no access to the side beach by car right now, so I put in on the juan de fuca side of the peninsula to moderate swell.


Wow.. something goofed with blogger and I lost the rest of this post forever.. sorry folks. Have a look at the photos - I can't be bothered to write it all again. yeesh - friggin computers I tell ya. Long story short - awesome day, cool ruins on Cole island and wind turned SSE later on and made for some challenging swell conditions. Popped my spray skirt too soon and the surf landing on the way back in filled my cockpit with water about 6 feet from the beach.

Trip Distance: 10km

YTD: 120km

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