Man it's been a while.. April was just a month of inopportune wind storms in Victoria interrupted only by a bit of vacation near Palm Springs for Coachella. Today was a spectacular morning. Prefect for paddling with friends.. well.. wait... where were my friends? I don't know how I missed the good people from kayakyak, but they were no where to be found. I'm guessing I left a bit too early, though I think I caught a glimpse of the crew later in the paddle, so maybe I was late. Anyway, it was a solo run today and I thought I'd go for a little challenge and do a trip out round Discovery.


I put in at Gyro park among fresh logs washed up on the beach from all the recent wave action. The water had a fun new type of algae bloom that made the water look just like lime jello. I beached about 2 times to run back to the truck after I realized I was missing some key piece of gear from my deck. Eventually I was on my way out of the bay - tons of kayakers out on the water today and the conditions were flat as Die Antwoord's lead singer's flat top.


Out in Baynes channel, the story was the same, very little current and only some stray waves from Haro Strait coming in from the northeast. Chatham was covered in birds and seals. My friends would have remarked, "the seals are doing it, dude." And I would have replied, "and how," but now I'm talking to myself. I briefly caught a glimpse of some other kayaks out around the middle of the Chatham Islands, but they turned the corner and were gone. I continued up the side of Chatham and around to Discovery Island The lighthouse on Seabird Point had a huge bald eagle on top of it and you could see all sorts of birds diving on fish just off the coast. Nearby were the sports fisherman grabbing all the stuff the birds and seals hadn't caught.


Discovery only has a little bit of kelp around it right now, not the huge swaths that usually pop up in summer time. The wind and chop from April blew significant amounts of wood up onto the entire shoreline and rocks. Discovery and the Chain islands had a bit more current running between them, but overall it was so calm and fairly non-challenging, though I was starting to feel the burn at about the 10km mark.. need to get back into the swing of paddling for sure. The Chain Islands were being scouted by a number of eagles looking for lunch and almost every bird was up in the air and making noise. There was a huge rock full of seals. All of them just stared at me as I passed. It was a perfect, reflective day on the perfect, relective water.


I was fighting a light ebb and a headwind on the way back that was slowing the boat to a crawl. I was watching a number of sailboats in full spinnaker trying to gain some way in the light airs. I then heard a huge splash and saw a big seal with ears and a mouthful of sharp teeth about 10 feet away.. then I saw another two of them.. something has drawn the sealions to the entrance to Cadboro Bay ("probably fish," my paddling buddies would say if they were here). I decided not to wait for the sealions to surface again and headed back toward the beach. Cadboro Bay itself was just full of small racing sailboats trying some maneuvering tactics - letting the sails turn the boat on a dime. I got back to the beach and didn't see anyone's car around, so I walked into the village and finally saw John and Louise's SUV, but they were nowhere to be found. Ah well... A good day on the water.

Trip Distance: 18km

YTD: 138km

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