Today was a great day to be on the water, Sun, surf and whales! I put in at cadboro bay for a quick bit of exercise, The conditions were not great for crossing - too much flood current, so I thought I'd do the good ol oak bay circuit.


The water was very calm in the morning and the lucky kayaking class was also putting in on the Beach beside me. The group went over to Flower Island, so I followed them out that way. There were jellyfish of all shapes and sizes all over the place. Apparently they bloom like this periodically. Probably not the funnest place to practice wet exits....... I got up to flower and could feel the current running pretty fierce already. I got sucked through the narrow channel between Flower and the point. Zooming along, I saw two whale boats and a number of fishing vessels giving audience to a gray whale feeding along the east side of Flower Island.


I got reasonably close to the whale and managed to get some photos before I had to correct for the current that constantly pushed my boat north. The whale gave a deep and loud puff on my flypast. This is the first time I've seen whales anywhere near the entrance to Haro Strait, so I ws pretty happy to see nature's just as busy as ever. Following the whale encounter I kept seeing little needlefish jumping clear out of the water and likely into the seal's mouth following directly behind my stern.


I thought I might slingshot around Mary Tod and into the flood for a nice ride home. The sea delivered, The middle of Baynes was running like crazy, adding about 2 knots to my speed! I love it when a plan comes together. The wind began to stiffen a bit on the return trip making for a nice challenging paddle on the way into caddy bay. I got out of the boat on the beach and just sat on the beach for a while watching the dogs go by. So relaxing, I couldn't blog about it until 3 weeks later :)

Trip Distance: 10km

YTD: 168km

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