This week I went out with John and Louise, now that they're mobile again. Today was just going to be a short in and out and just a quick shakedown for their new roof racks. Unfortunately, my Van had started acting up a week or 2 before resulting in a pretty severe coolant leak, so I was taking it easy with driving. We agreed on a lap around Thetis lake.


Today started off cloudy and spitting rain. The rain got harder and harder as time went on, but our spirits were good. The conversation was lively and Thetis was flat as a mirror. Not a lot going on at the lake save for a nice high water level and some newly fallen trees. The weather got considerably nicer near the end of the paddle and the beach was just covered in dogs. I parted way with John and Louise and took the Van to the shop later on - hint: the fix didn't take :((

Trip Distance: 6km

YTD: 52km

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