Today was just a quick little paddle for some exercise. The winds had died down substantially from Saturday and had become more northerly. The sun was very bright and again I found myself realizing why I still live in Victoria. Caddy Bay beach is still covered in driftwood making for a fun climb down to the sand. I put in and was off on a little tour of the bay.


I did my usual tour out along the north shore and around flower island. The water was smooth and undisturbed. The tide being fairly low, I kept my distance from the rocks along the short to avoid a repeat of the last barnacle scraping I gave my kayak last time. It was a little windier at the edge of Baynes channel and the current was already going pretty swiftly - you could see the standing waves out near the cardinal buoy off Chatham.


I was greeted by little river otters on the way to Cadboro point. Cute little critters. I saw the current gently pushing around the rocks at cadboro point and got a little ride back to Jemmy Jones at a pretty good clip. Jemmy jones also had a nice strong current around it propelling me into a spinnaker regatta. This took all my attention and I tried to snap a bunch of photos of all of them as they wizzed past me. A nice fresh breeze was coming down from the north and was pushing all the boats along with big full sails. ahhhhhhhhh.


I completed this trip by crossing to Cattle Point after the sailboats passed, and had a gander at the boats in the RVYC marina. This was just the start of a fantastic day outdoors. I guess this is as good a time as ever to first mourn the fact I need to wait a year or two before a sailboat because my poor vengabus, gear hauler extraordinare, is dead. On the bright side, I closed a deal on a new truck in fantastic condition, a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. I should have worthwhile photos of that soon - here's a cell photo - just looking around for a good roof rack solution.

Trip Distance: 8km

YTD: 72km

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