So today was my weirdest paddling day on the books by far. This will be less about kayaking and more storytelling. I went down and saw the good folks at Ocean River first thing and got my new whip set up with saddles. The poor Aerostar (aka.Vengabus) finally wore out and now I have a 01 Nissan Pathfinder. It wasn't even worth looking at until the kayak was on top though :). I brought the saddles home, clipped em on and loaded my kayak onto the roof without issue - it's good being a giant sometimes. So far - so good.


I drove down to the bay without incident - the saddles did their job just fine and unloading was just as easy. I was greeted with beautiful, glassy conditions at gyro park. The tide was moderately high and wood was everywhere on the beach still. The sun just wouldn't come out today - just broken grey clouds with little periods of rain. I paddled up the north coast and I met Mike Jackson in his slick looking Greenland 'yak coming back in from a paddle around Discovery Island. He told me he was being sure to get off the water before 3 hit. On my way down I head about a possible tsunami coming, but it was going to be there imminently.

Minutes after speaking to Mike, the VHF pipes up (video above) announcing a formal emergency situation on the water. Ughh. The details of the broadcast are some manner of waves will be arriving from the earthquake in Chile around 3 o'clock. I cut my paddle out to the chains short and hang a right for oak bay just to stay close to shore.


Mary Tod island was packed with birds of all makes and models and they all made noise as I went by. A number of seals were also swimming around me. It was a very calm and serene place to be until the VHF turned on again and announced another terrifying tsunami warning, but here's the twist: The science came through on what to expect. Waves approaching Washington were expected to be around 0.2m. whew. I decided to immediately go out to the chains and enjoy a little quality time with the gulls.


"Not so fast," says fate. some manner of fireball was spilling noxious black smoke up into the clouds, and it looked peculiarly like it was coming from where I live. I was even counting buildings on the skyline and I pretty much assumed I'd have no home when I got off the water. :( What a terrible feeling to have. The smoke disappeared from the horizon about 5 or 6 minutes later and my mind was racing with all the terrors that may have become some part of the city.


Facing an ebbing tide and a fresh headwind, I paddled to flower island and back into caddy bay to head back home. I took a bee line home and found the entire place covered with police tape. ughhh.. a car in one of the back parking lots near my building had caught fire and destroyed a whole lot of the condo's carport. My scooter lives back there and the officer said something to the effect of, "you may not want to look back there." My heart totally sank, but at least my apartment was still in one piece.


A fiery image of what happened in the paper was the first thing I found online about it and my scooter seems to have a front row seat, but I was allowed downstairs to see as much as I could of the scooter from the police line. Luckily the wall was enough to stop the flames from getting up to the scooter, and from a 30 yard glance it seemed fine. JOY. I was able to finally get back to it this morning and it still rides and is just dirty from the flame retardent, wish I could say the same for the cars next to the event :(. If I hadn't gotten off my ass this morning, the kayak would have still been sitting on the ground right next to that BMW. I'm really glad no one was hurt and I hope the police find this guy and soon! And that - was my weird day of paddling.

Trip Distance: 10km

YTD: 82km

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