Today I joined John and Louise at good old Cadboro Bay. Today was intensely sunny! I'm with everyone else and I'm going to call it summer-esque conditions in humble Victoria. The winds were supposed to be light, but ended up being 5-10knots from the Northeast - a consistent swell was coming into the bay and the current was due to be a little over a 2 knot ebb. I was going to give a free ride on Baynes channel to Chain Islands a try, and without mysterious smoke on the horizon, I was resolved to do it this time.


We put in on a sandy beach I haven't seen for a while at Cadboro Bay. The tide had already gone out some. Still getting used to the unloading dance on the new car and what goes where, but I got down to the water and we were off to Cadboro Point. We meandered through the rocks along the shore and saw lots and lots of birds on the way out. Just past Flower Island, we caught a glimpse of a glorious Mount Baker in the morning sunlight. The current was definitely on the ebb, but it really wasn't too crazy. I started my run toward the Chains and John and Louise paddled back along the mouth of cadboro bay to meet me at Oak Bay Marina.


There was some current, but nothing incredibly life changing. The water smoothed out on my way into Baynes Channel thanks to the land blocking the wind. The tailwind and current got me up to about 12km/h sustained on my way down and then dropped off as I approached Great Chain Island, the larger island in the Chains just off Oak Bay Marina. It's pretty fun taking a ride on the current when the chance arises, it's a lot less of a pain than crossing it or fighting it.


Chain Island was full of gulls, Canada geese and crows with a bunch of seals looking on. It was full until a bald eagle decided to stop by sending every last bird on the rock up into the air. The eagle was flying so low that I originally thought the reason the birds took off was me getting too close. Once the eagle passed the birds began to land, filling every square inch of the rock. With the current still dragging me around a bit, I pulled around the back part of the island where I got to see a whole bunch more harbour seals. There's also a lot of weird wreckage all over the island, but it's like 10 feet up. Must have been some big seas through here recently.


I made it back to Oak Bay Marina after being pushed around in the crossing a little. There were lots of boats scrambling through the Turkey Head traffic path from the marina to take advantage of fair winds in the strait. I paddled around Mary Tod island a little and all the birds from last week were somewhere else today. I met up with Louise and John on the other side of Mary Tod Island and we headed back alongside a group of 6 other paddlers out enjoying the beautiful weather. We went back along the south shore of Cadboro Bay and saw a numbe of Herons along the shoreline. We got bach to the beach via the Royal Victoria Yach Club Marina which is a very tight squeeze at low tide. When we got back to the beach, it was much longer than we left. We all celebrated today's outing at the coffee house afterward.

Trip Distance: 13km

YTD: 95km

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