Tonight was one of those few after work paddles that happens to be on a perfectly still, warm summer's night. It always feels like a dream to be paddling at sunset and tonight nearly put me to sleep in my cockpit :). I put in at VCKC and had it in mind to head down to jutland if the currents were well behaved. The parking lot was jammed with dragonboaters doing last mnute training for the Victoria Dragonboat festival..


The current under the Tillicum bridge was about a 2kt flood, so it was a bit dicey looking. Some kids were up on the cliff beside the bridge yelling, "you're gonna fall in." Not tonight though.. the water was all going in one direction and wasn't much of a challenge to overcome.. I paddled out the other side and waved back to the kids as I paddled toward the inner harbour.


It was such a lazy and calm night, I just lily-dipped my way down to Jutland to find it even more crammed with even more of the large dragonboats. Instead of heading further down to the inner harbour, fearing I'd be a bit in the way, I turned around and got a nice push on the flood past the bridge and up toward portage inlet.


There are a few mute swans swimming around the Gorge right now and they're HUGE. They started swimming over to me, but didn't like the looks of my paddle, so they spooked a bit and headed on the opposite course. I got up to Portage inlet and was overcome with bliss. The skyline had turned fiery orange and the stars were brilliant even before sunset. I took the kayak up along the Colquitz side and noticed a good algae bloom going. The high tide was making it float around in clumps.


I couldn't travel too far up the river because of the goo, but when I turned around I saw the photo above and let out a year-long-pent-up sigh and leaned back just to take in how awesome summer in Victoria is. With the sounds of the road muted and the air so still, it was hard not to be hypnotized by the evening. I left Portage Inlet as the hush of blue-dusk swept across the water. The light was fading, leaving behind an intense orange sky (probably thanks to forest fires in northern BC. I pulled out at VCKC and retained the giant grin on my face until I finally slept. How awesome is that?!

Trip Distance: 11km

YTD: 195km

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