Swan enjoying the morning sun

John and I met up today for a short but sweet paddle in portage inlet. The cold snap had officially arrived and even paddling in the protected confines of the Gorge, it was f*** cold! We started off the morning with beautiful clear skies with about 10-15 knots of wind from the Northwest. We were just gonna play the route by ear.

Winter light - still water

John and I were pretty busy taking photos today - and nothing caught our eye more than swans! Our route had taken us to the West side of Portage Inlet and we were going to try to go under the car tunnel and see the falls. We found the bird hideout along the coast and found 4 adult swans. The swan at the front was swimming suspiciously with its head down and plumage puffing out. Apparently, there were swan babies in the group as well.

At an Impasse

We started our trek up the river to the falls, and found there's been a lot of water flowing this year and it wasn't frozen over! bonus. The winding river has a notorious fallen tree laying across that can make navigating upstream a bit annoying. But our hearts sank a bit when we got there, because now there are two fallen trees across the river that has cut off the upper waterway completely. We turned around and headed back.

The New Economy: Goose Herding

Old man winter was still blowing across the water and making every molecule of me cold. It's neat to look at the speed tracking maps, when we were paddling upwind, we were doing about 2-3km less than average. We both had enough of the cold so we headed back down the Gorge to the Kayak Club and packed up.

Trip Distance: 10km

YTD: 38km

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