cormorant on tidal depth indicator pole

Today I decided to launch from Oak Bay and do a loop around Cadboro Point. A light wind was coming from the South and bringing some unpredictable weather with it, so I was planning to be off the water before the change. It didn't work out that way, but it sure was fun anyway.

before the squall

With the sun out and blue skies everywhere, I took a route along Willows beach and up around cattle point. The tide was pretty high so I took the shore route into Cadboro bay and noticed the big clouds stacking up. The wind picked up a little in Caddy Bay. I paddled up to flower island and out to the Cadboro Point light.


The current was barely present, but it was still ebbing, so I tried to ride the wave back to the put in, but it was pretty short lived. Just as I got to Jemmy, the big cloud decided to pelt me with hail, which is always great. The hail gradually turned to rain as I got close to Oak Bay and the sun kept shining the whole time.. it's karma or something. I got back to the beach and headed to a place where I could buy the biggest warm up coffee possible.

Trip Distance:12km

YTD: 28km

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