I woke up a bit later than normal and was really not sure if I wanted to paddle, but I had a look at the forecast and decided skipping today was right out of the question. The most promising paddle was Sooke Basin, so I packed up the car and headed out to Cooper's Cove. Since I've never gone East. I thought today would be a great chance to see what was up there. It was a grey day, but I had amazingly mirror calm water and a warm air temp.


I got to cooper's cove and spoke to a fellow who was parked there about boats, veggie diesel and Nestle/Chiquita! I love this place sometimes. I put in and headed out of the cove. The entire coastline east of Coopers Cove is lined with expensive housing and bed and breakfasts. Each house outdid the last, but thankfully they at least blended in a bit and didn't tear out the entire forest. Everywhere along the basin's coast I could hear rushing water either from culverts or streams from neighbouring lakes.


The first turnoff was into Roche Cove, demarcated by a short spanning, single lane car bridge. The cove is like a small lake with a completely overgrown stream at the east end. There are houses lining a lot of the cove, but the boats and docks are sparse as the road bridge is difficult for any wide boat to navigate. I left Roche cove and worked my way to the south coast to see Anderson cove.


The most mind-blowing house I saw (and envied) was a large A frame style house perfectly set against a narrow whitewater stream. I paddled along the south coast until I hit the entrance to Anderson Cove. The water really narrows and just my luck a motorboat was trying to leave at that moment. Someone has sunk a boat in the middle of the channel making it hard for two boats to navigate comfortably. Inside the cove is pretty amazing. A bunch of expensive houses line a 90degree solid rock hillside covered in mosses. There are a number of fishing boats and small sailboats in the cove and it looks like there's a good canoe launch on the southwestern shore along East Sooke Road.


I left the cove and visited the little islands in the middle of Sooke Basin. There were lots of Canada Geese lining the rocks there and I kept hearing a bald eagle chirping, but it was too camouflaged to see clearly. The islands, cheerfully named Deadman's Island ) are quite rocky and covered in hardy plants and mosses. They remind me a bit of the Chain islands in Oak Bay with trees. I was getting a bit tired, so I headed back to the launch point concluding another fine winter's day on the sea.

Trip Distance: 14km

YTD: 63km

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