Drip drip drip. The sound of today was the pitter patter of rain. I visited a serene Brentwood Bay where the only people out and about were those doing the dog walking chores. Unloading the car, I learned an important lesson... don't put your paddles on the ground while unloading. I destroyed my backup paddles by stepping on the ferrule :/ (it's still good - it's still good). I headed down to the beach at a very high tide and put in to the rumbling of the mill bay ferry and gushing of the road drainage culvert.


I meditatively paddled from Brentwood bay to Todd Inlet and noticed a very large population of moon jellyfish had occupied southern Brentwood Bay and Todd Inlet. The silence deepened and the rain let up as I got around the limits of Butchart Gardens. I took a few photos of the marten nesting sites at the end of the Todd Inlet pathway and headed up to the creek-bed. Thousands of jellyfish were crowding around the babbling creek mouth and some had noticeably changed to dull white/yellow color.


I met some other paddlers on the way out of todd inlet and they looked about as chill as I felt. I took the west shore out of the inlet and through a postcard scene of a solitary flannel draped liveaboard lounging in the cockpit of his cabin trawler while the furnace smoke gently drifted along just feet from the water. I paddled out past all the little inhabited boats and out to 15 minute (Senanus) Island to the North.


The crossing was sleepy and free of anything but glassy millpond beauty. the Only waves coming from boats engaged in fishing. I was met at the island by seals which darted off as soon as they saw me coming. I paddled around the island and watched a kingfisher nab about 3 fish in a row by diving on them from a tree directly above the water. He left one of them on the rocks for later. Neat to see how they hunt up close and personal. From the island, I slipped back to Brentwood Bay in behind the mill bay ferry and utterly drenched by rain. Even saw an otter playing around on the docks on the way to the beach.

Trip Distance: 11km

YTD: 49km

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