So this year I'm pledging to spend more time on the water and less on the more nerdy pursuits of mine, but we'll have to see how that pans out. Today I met John, Louise and Paula on the beach and got ready. I took the kayak down from the car and it was just full of ice! Hefted it onto my shoulder and unloaded the unwanted ice shards from the cockpit and rear compartment. looks like the rear hold is not water tight, so a trip to the kayak store is imminent.


An unmoving sea lit by morning light breaking through the clouds welcomed us as we paddled out into old familiar Cadboro Bay. With a high tide, limited currents and crisp, motionless air, Today was definitely the day to visit Chatham and Discovery. I paddled out to Flower Island, Jemmy and then out to Chatham with the group. Louise was feeling a bit too cold, so she and the rest of the group turned around at Chatham while I continued on around the islands.

I believe these little plants are the reason for the name of cactus islet

I paddled around the north tip of chatham and was gingerly paddled into the small inlet that leads to Cactus Islet. Every time I go here, I'm amazed by how quiet it is. It's like someone handed me earplugs. I put the paddle down and drifted around the islet and that's when the birds caught a glimpse of me. A few dozen birds - ducks, geese, and water birds all took flight letting me get super close to shoot some photos of the little plants that cover Cactus Islet.


The kelp really disappears in winter. The trip around the discovery lighthouse, usually a fairly large kelp bed was down to just a few plants floating on the surface. The abandoned lighthouse is getting pretty worse for wear. there's a bunch of siding sloughing off in the weather and some of the fencing around it is geting pretty bent up. The Discovery campsite was completely empty and only a lone sailboat stood against the incoming weather system.


Heading back, I noticed I was feeling the burn in my arms. And this was at Chatham. I was getting pretty sore by the time I finally hit the beach. Hoping that goes away with the next few outings. Feels great to be on the water again!

Trip Distance: 16km

YTD: 16km

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