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We spent a solid August long weekend at Strathcona's Buttle Lake Campsite and I decided to go play on the water. It's been quite a while since I was out, but it felt good to visit somewhere new and see some pretty stunning scenery. This lake is incredibly shallow along the shore and features many marine campgrounds marked with sticks. You can see that the whole area was flooded by the nearby dam. Tree stumps erupt out of the water with the silty lake bottom mere feet below. Along the shore, the winds were pretty light, but out in the middle of the channel, it was ocean conditions with a North to South flow of 10-15 knots. I paddled around for a couple hours while my friends had a siesta from the summer heatwave that had come to the central island. When I landed, I wondered what was in the other direction... guess I'll have to visit again soon.


In kayaking related news, I just read that Paula finally got to do her dream vacation of tackling Deer River - Congrats Paula and I hope we can catch up over coffee some weekend to chat about the trip. You can find the updates here: Paula on the Deer River - Kayakyak

Trip Distance: 7.8km

YTD: not much

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A bright, sunny day in Vancouver brought me down to the beach. I've been pretty lax in my duties in Kayaking, but the weather's finally cleared up and the wind off the strait has calmed down. I launched at sunset beach and paddled out into English bay with some light chop near Jericho beach. I was feeling pretty adventurous so I decided to also go down to the end of false creek as well to the science center. Man, it's good to be back on the water again.


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